Why Your Business Needs UI/UX Design Services, and How to Find the Perfect Development Partner

Why Your Business Needs UI/UX Design Services, and How to Find the Perfect Development Partner   Internal

The UI/UX design of websites can become stagnant over time. Businesses launch a functional website and just simply roll with it, thinking that’s all that is required. But marketing stats show how your UI/UX can affect your sales. An improved customer experience brings about an improvement of over 80% in your key performance indicators (KPIs). A website’s conversion rates can go as high as 200% with a good user interface. 

But many companies are still reluctant to partner with a UI/UX design service partner despite the obvious advantages.

Let’s discuss some of the biggest reasons you need to hire good UI/UX design services. 

Advantages of Hiring UI/UX Design Services


While your in-house team can build a website that does the job, they may not know the nuances that make up a good user experience. As mentioned, even a slight performance lapse can cost you, customers. This attention to detail requires a specialized expert team, which might be too expensive to hire and maintain all by yourself. UI/UX design services can offer you the best talent in the industry with professionals who can craft custom solutions that fit your exact requirements. 

They know what works on a website and what works on a mobile app. They are also up to date with the latest in the UI space, thus giving you an edge over your competitors. 

Market research

Expertise from UX design services also includes extensive market research, which can be applied on an industry-specific scale and help you craft better services.  Understanding the market with extensive data analysis methods allows you to understand what clicks with the target audience, what drives conversions, and what exactly is hurting your sales. You can get answers to many of your marketing questions, such as:

  • The need for a particular product or service
  • The market potential of your product
  • A better understanding of your competitors’ UX components and their effectiveness. 
  • Target audience analysis
  • Any challenges and pain points that need to be addressed

UX design services can help you understand your target audience and craft the best way to show off your products and services. This capability can be hugely helpful for growing companies and startups.

Wireframes and accelerated development

UI/UX designers can help you prototype the designs quickly with wireframes for your website, mobile app, and products. Wireframes are layouts and design prototypes of your product or service that can help you visualize your final product quickly and efficiently. You can test out the UI/UX without having to go through the entire process of development to quickly evaluate the various aspects of your UX. This undertaking helps to avoid rework and corrections in the future, as well as further accelerate development and shorten the time to market. 

Strong usability testing 

A UI/UX design service also provides usability testing. Things that could otherwise fall through the gaps can be caught quite early on, and your design will be well-tested at every stage of development. No more accidental scandals or controversies as a good UX design service partner will make sure to check all possible cases. But remember they must be included from day one of your development to ensure complete usability testing. 

So how can you find the best development partner? Let’s guide you through that aspect of your business decision. 

How to Find the Best UI/UX Partner

A good UI/UX design service should be able to provide a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of design and quality. Here are some important factors and considerations before choosing your UI/UX partner:

Project details

The first thing to do is to make sure you have your project details ready. You should have a well-defined project goal, budget allocations, timelines, and other key information that you can send as part of your request to receive quotes from any UI/UX service. Be sure to include:

  • Project details and the end goal
  • Expected timeline
  • Budget allocations
  • Details about the features 
  • Target audience and any available data on user persona

Portfolio or past experiences

Look for a design company with a good portfolio and a good track record of past experiences. See if their previous work meets your expectations from a design partner. You can also check the consistency and quality of work with their portfolio. Here are some pointers to keep in mind as you evaluate a company:

  • The total number of successful projects completed and the current number of projects in progress
  • The uniqueness of their design 
  • The quality of their design and services
  • How well they have incorporated user metrics in their designs
  • If they explain their thought process and design goals well, which should match your vision too
  • How receptive they are to criticism and feedback, based on user testimonials and references from previous customers 


Some more things to look out for when choosing your design partner include:

  • Their available communication channels and how well they respond to your queries
  • Their specializations and expert team
  • Quality assurance provided
  • How well they understand the design requirements and the effort they take to get a full understanding of your needs 
  • Their project management capabilities
  • Their testing and auditing benchmarks 
  • The user research and data they use 
  • The technologies they use 

And looking at all these qualities, we suggest you get in touch with InApp, a reputable UI/UX design services provider. InApp can help you with all your UI/UX needs, whether it’s a design from scratch or improving your existing UI. You’ll get expert guidance and excellent custom solutions backed up by solid data and research.