Why Scriptless Test Automation Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Since early 2020, the world’s technology landscape has witnessed a great deal of churn due to Covid-19. One byproduct is the acceleration of digital transformation in many industries. People are increasingly looking at technology to solve problems, and independent software testing organizations have felt the need to improve QA processes.

Scriptless test automation was named one of the top 15 software trends of 2021 in a research study.  For many independent software testing teams, delivering the highest quality software rapidly remains one of the biggest challenges. Scriptless test automation holds the potential to help in the simplification of test automation maintenance and development. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, testers can use scriptless test tools to automate powerful and reusable tests.

What is Scriptless Test Automation?

Many traditional test automation methods are ineffective in meeting the rising business expectations for faster delivery. They face maintenance issues, lack quick feedback, and require a substantial upfront investment. Also, now the prime focus of any independent software testing team has shifted from testing an app’s functionality to the technical development and execution of codes.

Scriptless test automation offers a solution by providing faster results and reducing the time needed to understand the relevant code. In scriptless testing or codeless testing methods, you can automate tests using tools and don’t need to write test scripts. These tools are based on test automation frameworks such as Selenium. 

What are the Advantages of Scriptless Test Automation?

The scriptless automation testing framework takes a methodical and well-structured approach to implement test automation. It offers some valuable advantages such as improved quality and reduced costs, and simpler and easier automation. It also allows all the stakeholders in the process to play an active role. The following are some of the advantages of scriptless automation testing:

  1. You can rapidly automate large test suites using scriptless test automation. Go-to-market and speed of delivery can significantly improve. It helps in the early detection of bugs.
  2. It uses a simple test and development process and includes an instinctive UI that helps in the faster development of tests.
  3. As the testing is codeless, scriptless test automation enables smooth communication between business analysts and programmers. They can easily review all concerns related to testing cases together.
  4. The testers are not expected to have any programming skills.
  5. Automated tests easily fit into the Agile approach.

What are some of the best Scriptless Test Automation Tools?

Following are some of the best tools for scriptless test automation:

What are some of the best Scriptless Test Automation Tools?

  1. Perfecto Scriptless (Formerly TestCraft)
  2. Ranorex Studio
  4. ZeuZ
  5. Robot Framework


As software technology advances, scriptless test automation will become increasingly important. It’s helping to bridge the barrier between technical and business experts. As a result, scriptless testing automation is being widely adopted by organizations. 

Choosing scripted or scriptless testing depends on the level of the system functionality you target. Our InApp independent software testing team recommends scriptless automation tests for high-level function scalability and verification for future feature enhancements. Then for middle and lower-level testing, we recommend standard script-based testing. If you’re looking for test automation as a service, contact us.