Web page performance is always important to us. We always like to ensure that any new features that we develop keeps the application running efficiently and hopefully faster, if not equal to, the speed of the last release.

The Web Development Checklist is really a simple guide with a few checks that you could do before releasing a new update or feature to your side project. The checklist helps raising awareness of common best practices for building websites. It contains links to many ASP.NET specific tools and solutions to common problems.

Not only is it a great tool for all ASP.NET developers (ASP.Net & ASP.Net MVC) to learn from, but also to track the progress of implementing the various best practices.

It mainly includes:

Though most of them might have already been handled in our projects, seems it’s a good one to go through.

Each of the checklist item explains how it needs to be implemented. Check it on
the Web Developer Checklist for latest updates.

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