What’s The Worst Advice we’ve ever heard about Test Automation Tool Comparison?

The worst advice you can hear on Automated Testing Tools comparison is “There isn’t any need for using the tools trial version.” In this article, we will explain why a trial is essential when doing an Automated Testing Tools comparison and how we can do this trial systematically.

There are many things you need to do while you compare Automated Testing Tools. You do an analysis on the basis of your selection criteria. To know the Automated Testing Tools comparison criteria please read our blog:

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How to Choose Automated Testing Tools?

But finally, just before you take the plunge with the tool you have shortlisted, it is very important to do a trial. Till the time you haven’t gotten your hands dirty with the tool itself, you can’t really tell how useful or how useless it would be for you.

Of course, you can’t spend weeks doing a trial. In order to do the trial systematically let me present to you 4 point plan of action:

Automate selected scenarios using the shortlisted tools. 

When doing a trial you can’t run the full set of test cases. You wouldn’t want to waste your time doing so when you aren’t fully convinced this is your tool of choice. Instead, you should choose the test case scenarios and run them on the trial version.

Select a complex test case. 

So which are the test case scenarios, which would be run on the trial version? This is a critical decision. If you choose a scenario that is simplistic, you wouldn’t know if your complex scenarios will run. Therefore choose a scenario that is fairly complex and covers all the critical components of your software. This would ensure that the automation test coverage through this tool is high.

It is also important to keep the customer in mind when you shortlist the scenarios. It is important to choose a scenario that is critical to your customer. This is after all the main aim of test automation.

Find a Known Issue. 

Don’t forget the purpose of testing. The purpose of testing is to explore any bugs in your application. The real test of the effectiveness of a tool is in its ability to find a bug. But how do you know if the tool has this ability? Well, if the application has a known bug, automate it and showcase that the issue is identifiable using the script execution

Generate and Analyze the Report. 

Lastly, it is very important to have a close look at the report produced by the tool. Is the report in the format that you need? Is it easily understandable? All these questions are important before you finally end your Test Automation tool comparison.

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