The latest in AWS, CodeBuild

As an enthusiast of cloud and cloud-related technologies, I keep track of conferences and symposiums in this domain. AWS re: Invent is the most significant event in this regard by Amazon (Amazon Web Services) The main event was held in Las Vegas from Nov 29 to Dec 2, 2016. The event is also educational as it showcases the latest updates and trends in AWS with keynote announcements. I was unable to be a part of the event, but I followed the updates happening over Twitter, FB, Youtube, and various other blogs.

Of the many new updates that were presented this year, CodeBuild Service caught my attention. In simple terms, the service automatically compiles lines of code written by the developers and runs test cases on it. The service has the ability to run on lesser popular languages through a docker image.  CodeBuild works seamlessly with CodeCommit, CodePipeline, and CodeDeploy i.e. other AWS tools for storing, building, and deploying code.  The combined set of the above assists the developer in every stage of code development, deployment, and code updates.

In tune with the principle of cloud computing, the service is scalable and has the ability for automatic resource termination and instantiation, contrary to the “set and forget” model. The service is charged by the minute. Codebuild currently works on Linux.

Looking forward to Windows support in the future.  Jordan Novet and Jeff Barr, your articles have been a big inspiration for me to have an up-close look at CodeBuild.  I plan to work/experiment with the tool and shall post updates in the upcoming articles.