6 Points to Remember Before Deploying Cloud Apps – An Infographic

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6 Points to Remember Before Deploying a Cloud App

  1. Evaluate the different ways employees, partners, and customers access information and then map out data access and sharing points.
  2. Implement during slow periods – If people are focused on completing year-end, mission-critical activities, it wouldn’t be the best time to implement cloud.
  3. Don’t roll out all features at once – It’s just too much for the end-user to absorb.
  4. Prepare for change management – Cloud Computing providers typically update their applications a few times a year. A cloud app user should have an update process, test scripts, and a team ready to respond.
  5. Create a repeatable process for testing and deploying product updates, and don’t rush it.
  6. Communicate any resulting shifts in job responsibilities.

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