Power your app with ‘Pop’


Pop is Facebook’s new amazing animation framework for creating awesome dynamic animations. Now that Facebook has open-sourced Pop, designers/developers can access the source code from the GitHub repo. Pop is used by developers across applications, for adding visual flair to button states, for full-screen animated transitions, and much more. All the animations seen in the Facebook app are powered by Pop.

Pop houses a rich library that facilitates the quick development of animations for iOS and Mac apps. Pop was designed with three objectives, commonly needed animations, an extensible framework, and developer friendliness. The three new primitives that enhance the richness of the Pop animation engine are spring, decay, and custom. “Spring” provides for the bouncy animation and “Decay” for a slow halt movement.

Facebook’s ‘Paper’ is a true example of how powerful Facebook can be if it chooses to really push an app. Pop uses dynamic animation to control the bouncing, scrolling, and unfolding effects as in Paper a social network app. By open-sourcing Pop, a whole range of innovative animation features is due to be created.

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