Mobile App Installation Checklist


Mobile App Installation Checklist:

  1. Ensure the test device is not the same as used for development or is is not set up as the development environment.
  2. Verify that application can be installed successfully following normal installation procedures.
  3. Verify that version number matches the version specified during submission
  4. Verify the application is seen in the installed applications list.
  5. Verify whether proper alert is displayed when we doesn’t follow the normal installation procedures.
  6. Check installation with low wifi connectivity.
  7. Test installation behaviour with wifi in disconnected mode.
  8. Check uninstallation and reinstallation.
  9. Check Application start/stop behavior — Start the application by selecting the icon or following the steps outlined in the submission statement.
  10. Check installation behaviour when receiving voice calls — while installation process is in progress, make a call to the test device.
  11. Check installation behaviour when receiving text messages — while installation process is in progress, send a text message to the test device.
  12. Check if the app is supported on an older firmware (ie: iOS 3.1.3), especially if it is part of the requirement, else an intelligent message should be displayed to the user.