Every day supply chain activities are prone to constant changes due to uncontrollable factors such as traffic, new rule impositions, etc. Supply chain execution has become even more complex with increasing customer demands regarding service and quality. Today, most logistics companies, manufacturers, and distributors who want to streamline their supply chain processes choose Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for their digitization needs.

The Initial Steps

Before implementing a digital supply chain solution, companies need to check if the potential solution partners understand the issues that plague the current supply chain, and how pain points can be addressed using the software. Additionally, companies must:

Beyond the Basic Criteria Check

Selecting the right SaaS partner for your supply chain requires more than mere technical superiority. It is indeed important, to check if the solution offers superior features that are suitable for your supply chain needs. Additionally, it is important to check if the solution provider is able to understand the complete workflow, how the individual components (planning, sourcing, inventory, production, warehouse, and transportation) function in unison to achieve the end result of successful delivery fulfillment.

The supply chain is constantly evolving, and extending trade to foreign shores is most likely, for which the solution must be able to manage the processes seamlessly. Therefore, companies must look for platforms that offer multiple applications to manage their supply chain execution seamlessly. The following questions will help determine if the supply chain partner will provide continuous improvement in the long run.

Companies have to go beyond determining only the scope of work, migration details, network architecture, and other basic information to see if they can derive value from their investment. Answering the above questions will help companies identify a suitable supply chain partner who is passionate about empowering their clients through collaboration and continuous improvement.

It is imperative for companies to look for reliable supply chain solution partners who can help drive maximum supply chain efficiency and long-term success. InApp has 19 years of deep experience in delivering superior supply chain solutions that leverage disruptive technology and drive lean operations.  Our technical expertise coupled with a proven process and quality standards ensure our solutions are perfectly aligned with your business goals. Are you interested in exploring a transformative supply chain solution with us? Drop us a line and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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