The Hardest Part of Cloud Migration: Migrating your Talent to the Cloud

Operating in the cloud is a huge shift for most institutions. The transition is difficult, requiring a different mindset and a new set of skills. Likewise, the effort and investment required to transform talent are significant. One key to cloud adoption on the enterprise level is a talent transformation program that enables cloud fluency across your entire organization.

The below given single infographic takes you to some steps you can undertake to help with talent transformation while adopting cloud computing services.

The Hardest Part of Cloud Migration: Migrating your Talent to the Cloud


Migrating Your Talent to the Cloud

Where’s your destination and why are you going?

Before embarking on the journey, communicate a set of clear and compelling cloud imperatives that provide a road map for your enterprise.

What do you need for the journey and how are you getting there?

As you embark on the cloud journey, you will also want to clearly define the “What” and “How” of operating in the cloud.

Who is driving?

Empowering individuals with the right skills and situational awareness will put your organization on the right road to achieving your desired outcomes.

Establish a common learning curve

Consider grouping individuals into training groups that experience the program together.

Offer meaningful 1:1 help

The goal is to consider a space where individuals can stop by, talk to cloud experts, ask questions, and whiteboard solutions.

The gamification of learning – it’s a team sport

Establishing learning teams provide individuals with a sense of accountability, camaraderie, and support.

Jump in, take the dive

To learn how to operate in the cloud you need to operate in the CLOUD.

What’s in it for you?

The AWS certification program provides a great opportunity for a win-win. For the individual, it’s one of the highest-paying certifications offered in the marketplace.

Keep it going

To enable talent transformation at the scale of an enterprise, everyone in the organization must share accountability.

Creating a common cloud culture

To ensure that your cloud adoption is sustainable, organizations must achieve a critical mass of cloud fluency. At the very least, everyone should be able to order french fries in the cloud.

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