Backend as a Service (BaaS) in a Box


Backend as a Service (BaaS) in a Box

BaasBox is an Open Source that provides a complete solution for managing the backend of web and mobile applications. Backend as a Service allows mobile app developers to set up and operate a cloud-based backend for their mobile and web apps. All the backend features are in a standalone server as in a box and the API facilitates storing and retrieving information to the server. This enables developers to focus on the front end of the application with the backend being readily available with rich features. You can access the source code from the GitHub repo.

The available functions in this service are the administration console, content management, user management, push notifications, and DB management. This is best achieved using the web console which facilitates managing and performing administrative tasks. Its intuitive dashboard is separated into several sections each clearly depicting an array of utilities. The settings option lets one change the settings of the application such as password recovery, images, push notifications, and modifying its actions. Assets form an integral part of the BaasBox application. They are specific objects to store generic files, images, or a blob of JSON that forms the building block in the application model.

Using BaasBox one can design and develop apps on the fly. Being an open-source it is community-driven and fully integrated into the cloud service. With all that you need in a box, enables developers to deploy their projects with just a click!

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