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Automation Frame Works

July 2, 2012

9:42 am

Frame work is a set of assumptions, concepts & practice that support for automation.

Types of Frameworks

  • Test script Modularity Framework
  • Test Library Architecture Framework
  • Keyword driven Framework
  • Data Driven Frame work
  • Hybrid Frame works

Test Script Modularity

  • Test script modularity frame work requires the creation of small independent scripts that represent modules section & functions of the AUT.

Library Architecture

  • It divide AUT into procedure & functions.
  • Creation of Library files that represents Modules ,Function and section of AUT.

Key word driven

  • This framework requires the development of data tables and keywords, independent of the test automation tool used to execute them and the test script code that “drives” the application-under-test and the data.
  • Keyword-driven tests look very similar to manual test cases. In a keyword-driven test, the functionality of the application-under-test is documented in a table as well as in step-by-step instructions for each test.

Data Driven

  • Input & Output values are read from data files.