Chef vs Puppet vs Ansible | A Comparison Infographic

Chef, Puppet, and Ansible all are open-source deployment management tools, used to manage competently large-scale server infrastructure, by enabling speed and ensuring reliability, with very minimal input from developers and system admins, using different paths.

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Initial Setup

Ansible: Less concentration on configuration management
Puppet: Simple installation and initial setup
Chef: Initial setup is complicated


Ansible: Simple and structured (built on Playbooks)
Puppet: Very instinctive and complete Web UI
Chef: Designed exclusively for programmers


Ansible: High Security with SSH
Puppet: Vulnerable
Chef: Chef Vault


Ansible: Yes
Puppet: Yes
Chef: Yes


Ansible: Written in Python
Puppet: Built with Ruby
Chef: Configured in Ruby DSL


Ansible: Starts at $5000 per year
Puppet: Standard pricing starts at $120 per node
Chef: Standard pricing starts at $72 per node


Ansible: Automated workflow option for continuous delivery
Puppet: Strong compliance automation and reporting tools
Chef: Offers hybrid and SaaS solutions for Chef server, analytics, and reporting

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