8 Reasons Why You Should Move To The Cloud Now!

Migrating your application to the cloud is not an amateur task. An expert has to take care of the environment and make sure your app runs smoothly in the cloud and is secure by all means. Still doubtful on whether to choose cloud?

Here are 8 reasons why you should move to the cloud:

1. Speedier Deployment

Deploying your applications and services in the cloud quickly is one of the major advantages of migrating to the cloud. There are multiple options available that help you set up servers and other resources in very few numbers of clicks. This is obviously much simpler than the traditional purchase of servers, installing OS, and placing it on a network.

2. Advanced Security

Most cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and Rackspace take care of tougher security issues like unwanted traffic accessing your virtual machine. They also ensure automatic security updates are applied to the system avoiding vulnerabilities from the latest threats.

3. Less Infrastructure Complexity

Cloud is known for its easy accessibility. It does not confuse you with the complexity of infrastructure like data centers. You don’t need to do additional processes to activate services, just fill out some info that is required, and your necessary services are activated. It’s that simple. This can save quite a bit of time, as those particular complexities are no longer a part of your process.

4. On-the-Go Monitoring

Cloud Computing services have in-built monitoring systems that notify you when an application or machine has potential issues or is actually experiencing an outage. This saves a lot of time compared to the traditional tracking of service status.

5. Auto-backup and logging of key metrics

When talking about continuous monitoring, backup, and logging services are extremely important, especially if you need to perform disaster recovery from an outage and see where things went wrong. The backups will allow you to get things up and running again, and the logs may provide some critical information to help you find out the reason for the issue.

6. Flexibility for Employees

You don’t need to be at a specific location to deploy, update, or fix issues when using the cloud. This makes it a more tangible solution when compared to the necessity of being on-site. The unique consistency in choosing and deploying services makes it much easier to collaborate in the cloud.

7. Reduced Datacenters

The introduction of the cloud platform has tremendously lowered the usage of data centers. Choosing the cloud for your organization may downsize your data center usage to a single one, just for the sensitive information or even zero. This will surely bring down the operational costs of running multiple data centers.

8. Efficient Cost Management

Auto-scaling is something provided by most IaaS providers, which allows you to use more services when you need them and turn them off, when not in use. This technique helps even more in financial savings as you are charged only for the time you use the service or keep the machine running.

And the best part is that InApp can assist you through your entire journey to the cloud.  Ask for Help