6 Reasons to go for Independent Software Testing

For software to work properly, it’s necessary to test it before releasing it to customers rigorously. One flaw can lead to the loss of customers, markets, and, in some cases, even lives. 

The mindset required for testing software is different than developing it. Development teams work to make a product, whereas testing teams see how they can make it fail now—so it doesn’t fail with users later. 

That’s why an independent software testing team should test your software products. InApp specializes in independent software testing, with vast experience in all functional testing, security testing, performance testing, load testing, API testing, and domain-specialized testing.

Here are six reasons why independent software testing is better than in-house testing.

Here are six reasons why independent software testing is better than in-house testing

Reduction in Cost

Independent software testing organizations strongly adhere to rigorous testing cycles, standards, and requirements. As software testing is their specialization, failure rates are very low (essentially nonexistent). With expertise in all kinds of testing, both functional and non-functional, they maintain a strong focus on putting the software through its paces at all levels. Additionally, thorough testing can lead to a reduction in maintenance costs.

Experienced and Skilled Workforce

Independent software testing organizations have strong recruitment systems. They hire talented and experienced teams for various testing tools and methodologies such as integration testing, acceptance testing, automation testing, manual testing, performance testing, etc. With large teams of well-qualified testers and project managers, they can help you deliver the best product.

Better Quality of Software

Software development teams have a natural bias towards their own product, so they aren’t the best people to test their own software. Independent software testing teams can work with software from the perspective of the user. They test the product using all standards and requirements, helping their customers deliver a quality product.

Faster Time to Market

Independent software testing companies can detect defects at the very early stages of testing cycles. This ensures two things: 1) the product is delivered on schedule, and 2) it’s delivered at a reduced cost. Their experienced staff also can provide optimized management of the software management life cycle and other emerging dynamic requirements.


Flexibility in time and tools is a great asset in testing organizations. You can use software testing in the project life cycle to suit the pace of development. Your project can move between manual and automation testing per your requirements.

Independent software testing companies have talented and experienced staff for all kinds of testing.  They offer you the option to choose and then change midway. That’s not possible with an in-house testing team, where it’s very costly to hire experts in the full breadth of testing requirements


If you have an in-house team, you may face a situation where your tester is sick or leaves in the middle of your project. In this case, your project may come to a standstill or be delayed indefinitely. However, you won’t face these problems with an independent software testing organization. They employ multiple experts and always consider employee attrition rates, helping you deliver your product on time.


Flawless delivery of your software is vital for its business value. That’s why independent software testing services are so important. It’s essential to get your software tested by experts who can work separately from the product developers. 

InApp has two decades of experience in independent software testing. We deliver quality products to our clients in the USA and elsewhere. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is independent software testing?

Independent software testing is evaluating a software product development by a team other than the one involved in its development. It avoids author bias and improves the early detection of defects.

What is independent testing in Agile projects?

Agile delivery teams use cross-function to perform a majority of testing themselves. However, this approach is not sufficient for some projects, particularly in regulatory environments or teams spread out over a large geographic area. In such situations, independent software testing is far more advantageous.

What is autonomous software testing?

Autonomous software testing is the ability to generate tests without user intervention independently. By using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, autonomous software testing makes the process very fast.