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The ROI of User Experience

How Investing in UX Impacts Business Success?

Discover the bottom-line impact of user experience with our UX Team Lead, Janardhana Kumar K, on 21st March. Explore How Investing in UX Impacts Business Success and learn how to quantify the value of UX, justify investment decisions, and achieve measurable business success through optimized user experiences.

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Meet Our Expert

Janardhana Kumar K, UX Team Lead

Janardhana Kumar K is a seasoned UX team lead at InApp, boasting 22 years of expertise in UI, Usability, and UX design. He initiated his journey in computer-based designing following his Bachelor's degree in Applied Arts (BFA). He possesses hands-on experience across 20+ domains, ranging from Dynamic digital advertising to intelligent product marketing systems. With a rich background in both design and technology, Janardhanan leads with a comprehensive understanding of user-centric design principles and technological advancements. Beyond his professional pursuits, he is an avid traveler and a passionate musician, blending creativity and innovation in both his work and personal endeavors.

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