AWS Architecture for Enterprise Application


A design, engineering and planning firm located in Raleigh, Durham and Charlotte, NC and Richmond, VA.

project description

The work involved  providing  DevOps design, implementation &  IT support services in production, staging & development environments including automation, deployments & monitoring on daily basis.

The application is an event management system for Golf Championship with basic features of scheduling, mapping, file sharing, contact management etc. which will help to manage activities performed by Designers, Vendors and Event Managers towards the successful conduct of Golf Tournaments.

Production Environment consisted of EC2 instance in two availability zones with elastic load balancer. All AWS services was configured to meet application requirements such as Elastic search, Elasticache, Sentry,S3 & RDS.

Staging Environment consisted of EC2 instance with all supporting software installed such as Elastic search, Caching, database and logging. For the testing purposes the instance would communicate AWS services such as Elastic search, Elasticcache, Sentry, S3 & Amazon RDS.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployments (CICD) : Github and Jenkins, Ansible for task automation

Security ensured through Intrusion Detection System and DMZ.

Monitoring -Nagios for monitoring health of the server

Services and Infrastructure Operations
  • Manage Cloud Services : Management of AWS instances & services, Selection and launching of instances, Selecting availability zone, creation of security keys, connecting to network, Access restrictions.
  • Monitoring :  Alerts CPU, Memory, Storage and Disk, Network Bandwidth Processes and services.  Application Monitoring such as HTTP server, Middle-ware, Databases etc.
  • Backups: Planning, Scheduling and Configure backups. Recovery and restoration of data and programs if need arises.
  • Communication: Incident Reporting – Ticketing System, Email Support,  Support Number ( On Call Support )
  • Documentation: Prepare and update SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for the DevOps infrastructure and applications.
  • Escalation Matrix: Escalation matrix will be shared before the project starts.