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Top 44 Questions To Ask Through Your Cloud Journey

August 11, 2016

8:14 am

The entire process of Cloud migration may be split into 4 stages namely; Assessment, Planning, Migration & Validation. One might have a lot of questions or doubts about the Cloud or the migration journey. Here are the top 44 questions you should ask yourself in the Cloud Journey:
  1. Is the cloud right for your application (Application Migration Assessment)
  2. What are your capacity demands?
  3. How to find out the best cloud model for you?
  4. What are the actual ‘Actual Costs’?
  5. Analyzing your internal processes and evaluating business needs before migration?
  6. How important is knowing your cloud provider?
  7. How to prepare for cloud migration?
  8. What about cost Consideration?
  9. Technical considerations for migrating to the cloud?
  10. Where are the “gaps” and are they still gaps after migration?
  11. What’s the fit for your existing tools?
  12. What is your overview of different cloud providers?
  13. ROI?
  1. What are your migration strategy and plan?
  2. What are the candidate apps/workloads/environments?
  3. What are your considerations for choosing a cloud provider?
  4. What’s the topology of the application architecture?
  5. How to avoid cloud migration risks and hurdles?
  6. What are the possible performance bottlenecks being introduced?
  7. What are the hybrid integration plans?
  8. Have you identified the first adopters?
  9. What are the Dos and Don’ts in cloud migration?
  10. Explore the cloud tools to help the migration process?
  11. How will users access the environment?
  12. How will you train staff?
  13. What internal processes have to change in order to capitalize on the new service?
  14. How will you deploy updated code, data, and configurations to the environment?
  15. What’s the plan for operating this service after migration?
  16. Do you have a strategy for cutover?
  17. What are the things to keep in mind when you test run your migration?
  18. How will financial processing occur?
  19. Have you completed a small scale pilot that flexes all the above concerns?
  1. How are you distributing the apps and data to the cloud environment?
  2. What are the security controls in place during transit?
  3. What is the Cloud to Cloud migration and challenges?
  4. How do you migrate virtual machines?
  5. How do you migrate data?
  6. How do you migrate applications?
  1. Is the application reachable?
  2. Did all the data make its way into the environment?
  3. Can administrative tools access the cloud environment?
  4. Is the application stable?
  5. Will scalability affect the core architecture of the application?
  6. Do you have a business continuity or backup plan?

If you have answers for all these, your migration should be smooth as cheese!

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