Game Studio

Building game-changing brands with master class visual identity

What We Offer

2D & 3D Art

We help clients with  concept art, story boarding, character sketches to creating the final high quality 2D characters, 3D characters, backgrounds, animation, and the entire ecosystem required to produce a great game.


Rigging is the process of creating a skeleton for a 3D model so it can move. Typically the characters or models are rigged before they are animated, else they can’t be deformed or moved around in the virtual environment.

Concept Art

Concept art involves around creating the artistic aspects of the game which include illustrations of characters, game environment, background effects and many more which helps converting idea into a visual imagery.

Game Programming

Our extensive experience in Unity and Unreal programming help clients in developing 2D and 3D games and entertainment applications for various platforms such as PCs, Game Consoles, Mobile and Web.

Why Choose Us

  • Experienced Team: More than 16 years in developing animations, entertainment applications and games on Mobile, Web and PCs.
  • Talent: In-house creative and technical skills – Highly experienced team of artists, animators, 3D modelers and developers who takes care of the minutest detail of the art, animation, programming, sound engineers to ensure to deliver high quality games and assets.
  • Streamlined Process: development process refined over the years, streamlined, simple and made agile to adapt to the evolving media content development and games market requirements

To build game-changing brands with master class visual identity