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Digitizing the Future: Custom IT Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

Improve manufacturing workflows with our custom software solutions focused on inventory management, supply chain, purchasing, work order management, automated alerting, and predictive maintenance tracking. Make use of state-of-the-art forecasting and analytics solutions to make informed strategic decisions to grow your business to greater heights.

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Over the years we have catered to the IT requirements of clients ranging from SMEs to large manufacturing corporations, contractors, and Industrial equipment manufacturers in both private & public sectors.

The One-Stop Shop for Manufacturing IT Solutions

From project estimation to management, vendor relations, and asset management, our services cover the entire manufacturing lifecycle. Streamline operations, optimize resources, and drive productivity with our industry-specific solutions.

Asset Management Solutions

Use our powerful asset management platform architecture to get solutions customized for your business. Take advantage of full-fledged asset management, performance monitoring, preventive maintenance, compliance, warranty tracking, and scheduling capabilities to optimize the workflow and integrate with other platforms for seamless user experience.

Procurement & Vendor Management

Integrating with existing or custom ERP platforms can optimize your vendor empanelment and sale process. Manage contracts, supply chain, inventory, and risk analytics to make informed decisions on operations management.

CRM Software

Manage customer onboarding, sales orders, insights, predictive capabilities, and market analysis from a single point. Manage estimations and bids at different levels of granularity using our powerful analytics platforms.

Industrial IoT Solutions

With our custom industrial control platforms, integrate with IoT platforms at different levels of your manufacturing workflow. Take advantage of these integrations to schedule upcoming maintenance, view operational insights, perform supply chain and fleet management, track energy usage with dashboards, and track efficiency. Leverage state-of-the-art technologies for AR/VR simulations, analytics, and quality control.

Cloud Based ERP Solutions

Get a single view of the whole manufacturing process with our cloud-based ERP offerings. Make informed decisions by analyzing risks, forecasts, demand and supply, documentation, revenue, and resource consumption. Integrate with existing platforms and data sources for seamless transition to the new platform.

Warehouse Management Systems

Get a seamless warehouse management experience, including defect monitoring, order fulfillment tracking, inventory management, supply chain, and fleet management, and forecasting demand and supply. Leverage the latest solutions to boost productivity, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction.

Custom IT Services for the Manufacturing Sector

Leverage the benefits of digital transformation and streamline business-critical operations with bespoke solutions for manufacturing workflows.

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IT Consulting and Bespoke Application Development

Take advantage of our 20+ years of experience to design software platforms aimed at performance and cost optimization, supply chain streamlining, and multi-point stakeholder interaction. Get customized applications that can automate workflows, improve efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, and generate detailed analytics on complex forms of data.

Digital Transformation

Whether your application uses an old technology stack or spreadsheets, transform it to the latest stack to improve its performance and remain future-proof. Take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies like AI, blockchain, analytics, and the cloud to view your business like never before.

From Legacy Systems to Modern Tech Stacks, Our Proficiency Across All Platforms

At the core of our company’s success is our highly skilled team of experts, who are proficient in a wide range of technology stacks. We prioritize upskilling and professional development to ensure our team is always ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest advancements in the field.

Our Top Projects for Manufacturing Sector

Re-Engineering ERP Solution for an Aerospace Parts Manufacturer

Our client was a leading manufacturer in the US, crafting a diverse range of products from standard washers to specialized stampings since their establishment in 1957. They faced operational challenges due to outdated systems like FoxPro and fragmented applications and were looking for a partner for a comprehensive digital transformation. We embarked on the journey, ensuring a seamless transition to a modern, web-based model while preserving their extensive customer base.

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Improved Process Quality for Spacecraft Manufacturing

Our client, a vital arm of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), spearheads rocket and space vehicle development for India’s satellite program. With numerous contracted work centers across Bangalore and Chennai, these government-owned organizations play a crucial role in manufacturing components and sub-assemblies critical for launch vehicle assembly. However, manual quality charting and data-sharing gaps posed challenges. Our case study unveils our solution: a QC Automation tool streamlining quality control documentation, scrutiny, and analysis of hardware components.

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Mobile Application Development - For Maintenance Management Software

Our client, a top Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) software provider, delivers solutions for facility and equipment maintenance management. With a global clientele of over 3,500, they optimize operations across diverse industries. In 2005, they tasked us with expanding their CMMS into mobile development for Pocket PCs. This case study outlines how our collaboration yielded an award-winning mobile app. Today, we maintain a fruitful partnership, constantly updating their software with technologies like Microsoft .NET, C#, SQL Server, Ajax Toolkit, and Flutter.

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A Comprehensive Cloud-based Suite of Sales and Operations Tool for a HVAC Solution Provider

A Comprehensive Cloud-based Suite of Sales and Operations Tool for a HVAC Solution Provider

Our client, a pioneer in HVAC and subcontractor solutions since 1998, partnered with us in 2003 to develop bespoke software solutions. Seeking modernization, they aimed to migrate their management tool to the cloud for accessibility and incorporate industry-standard features. In this case study, we detail how InApp designed and developed a comprehensive suite of sales and operations solutions, streamlining processes for HVAC dealers.

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Why InApp

At InApp, we excel for several reasons. With over 400 dedicated software engineers, led by senior management with Big 5 consulting experience, we ensure top-tier solutions. Proficient in 100+ technologies, including AI, ML, and blockchain, we deliver tailored, scalable solutions to meet each client’s unique needs.




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Why Hire Us For Custom Software Development?

We are a company with over two decades of experience in providing customized software solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries. During this time, we have gained extensive expertise and knowledge in software development, enabling us to provide top-notch services to our clients.

Our scalable team of 400+ engineers creates custom software solutions that meet clients’ specific needs. They leverage their diverse experience in various technologies and work collaboratively with clients to ensure the final product aligns with their goals and requirements.

We deliver high-quality software solutions at competitive prices, understanding the importance of cost in custom software development. With us, clients can save up to 50% of the typical US development company cost without compromising quality. We’re proud of our commitment to providing high-quality software solutions at competitive prices.

Our stringent security measures ensure compliance at every step of the software development process. Each line of code undergoes rigorous testing and validation to safeguard against vulnerabilities and ensure regulatory adherence.

Count on our team’s unwavering reliability and availability. With a proven track record of meeting deadlines and delivering quality solutions, coupled with round-the-clock support, we ensure your projects progress smoothly and efficiently at all times.

We have a track record of nurturing long-term relationships with clients, evidenced by our extensive roster of loyal customers and a high client retention rate. Our high client retention rate speaks volumes about the trust and satisfaction we instill, ensuring sustained collaboration and mutual growth for years to come.

Our software development team blends expertise and innovation to deliver cutting-edge solutions. With a deep understanding of diverse technologies, they harness innovation to craft solutions that drive your business forward, ensuring success in today’s dynamic landscape.

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