Application Maintenance and Support

Drive long-term value of your application through our maintenance services

We understand the value of getting the most out of your application and with proper maintenance and support, you can prolong the life and business value of your software application. InApp is proud to be a technology partner for the long haul and we provide comprehensive maintenance services. With our software maintenance services, we help clients worldwide manage the complexity of applications as they evolve over time, and keep them operating as long as possible.

Adaptive Maintenance

Keep your application adaptable with modifications after product delivery to keep it usable in a changed or changing environment.

Corrective Maintenance

Rectify any discovered problems after a software application is delivered via corrective measures that make necessary modifications.

Preventive Maintenance

Modify a software application post-delivery to correct any latent faults before they impact operation. This pre-emptive approach can avoid downtime and errors.

Perfective Maintenance

Enhance a software application post-delivery by modifying it for better performance, enhancements for users or improving documentation.

Project Approach

Drive the long-term value of your application by thorough maintenance.